1. Savvy Servitore is more reliable than Siri. It’s like Google on steroids, but with the Human Touch.
2. Savvy Servitore is the only one who I can think of that’s there for me 24 hours per day, 365 days per year no matter what I need and no matter where I am in the world.
3. Savvy Servitore is as frugal, extravagant and everything in between for me as I need him/her to be.
4. Because information is priceless...I get answers and information to my exact inquiries. Nothing less.
5. Savvy Servitore is able to take care of the things and research tasks that I simply don’t enjoy doing.
6. All I have to do is just call or email Savvy Servitore with my list of questions and I can count on them to come back with not just any answer, but answers that fit my wants and needs.
7. Savvy Servitore is like having a personal assistant and lifestyle manager all wrapped up in one for my life that I can delegate to.
8. My Savvy Concierge is a dedicated friend.
9. Savvy Servitore gives me a freedom I’ve never experienced before.
10. I don’t have time to spend hours researching every single option. I’d rather someone else do the research and provide me with information that best suits my needs and budget.
11. Savvy Servitore books all of my activities in advance. I just need to get there.
12. Savvy Servitore gives me an efficient, reliable experience with customized options and results. Every time.
13. For the first time, I have someone who really takes the load off and wants to make me happy!