We will happily shoot for the stars and scour the planet for any request
that you may have as your wish is our command whether it be at home, travel or play!
Below are just a few examples of how our white glove
service will enhance, delight and improve your life!

At Home
Your pet will occasionally need grooming, at some point perhaps boarding, sitting, walking, and socialization—visit to the vet? You’re busy, we get it, and we get how important your pet is to you. That is what makes this service a favorite with Savvy Servitore members. When you can’t be there for your precious, we can.  Click, or call—email if you like, and Savvy Servitore will facilitate excellent care for your pet.

Service Provider
Whatever, whenever, wherever. Who to call when the ice hose breaks on the fridge, the AC goes out when the temperature is hovering at 99°, or the garage door goes tilt… with the car inside? A quick click of a button and Savvy Servitore will contact and dispatch the best in the field to your home or office, and minor—or not so minor catastrophes become about as troublesome as a cloudy day.

Hair, nails, tonsorial care, special dates, medical, dental.  Delegate your personal appointment calendar to us. The confidence of absolute reliance is very freeing, so let Savvy Servitore create and maintain your personal appointment calendar.

Important Dates
It’s tricky keeping up with the procession of one’s life. With so much to do and so little time to do it, remembering all the important dates can be futile. It’s time to forge a new path by letting birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and appointments, elude you no more. Partner with Savvy Servitore to set up your key dates and begin receiving reminders, notifying you of each occasion well in advance.

Shopping Comparisons
When looking for the best product at the best price it behooves us to base the assessment on duly diligent comparisons. The assessment should include not only price, but a close review of ‘all things equal’. A better price for an inferior service or product is certainly not a bargain. We spend our days doing just this; validating service and product claims through many sources with no agenda other than your best interest. Contact us, and we’ll review best of best and make a recommendation. Research and recommend. It’s what we do best.


Hotel Reservations
A vacation, holiday, or just heading south.  A click or call and a reservation at your favorite hotel or resort is confirmed.  Savvy Servitore will do what ordinarily you would and with the same care and diligence you would do it with—now there’s a rare thing.

City Specific Information
Headed to a new to you destination? Savvy Servitore has a veritable well of city specific information like where to stay, eat, go clubbing and if you’re all in, where to find great local art fairs, markets, events and adventures.

Airline Tickets
Flying? Contact Savvy Servitore for all air travel reservations, and here’s a bit of good news, the Clear® program is back for a limited number of airports. We’re tracking this program closely.  We liked it--at least as much as we disliked the cattle stalls, pat downs, and ‘please remove your shoes’ at airport security. Ooo, makes you want to Puriel® the soles of your feet. The world is your oyster, and there are pearls a plenty.

Airline Arrival/Departure Times
Sending your child off to a college far far away? You’re probably going to want to know she or he has landed safely and on time. Got incoming? Most of us have become fairly adept at getting to curbside at the very moment our people step out of the terminal. So the equation is: arrival time + transit + luggage retrieval = at the curb (margin of error +- 2 minutes). This skill has been honed over years of being waved away from the curb by security to make, yet again, another loop around the terminal. At last we have it down to a science. Of course the whole equation hinges on having the correct arrival time--and that’s where we come in. A click or a call and Savvy Servitore can provide real time arrival and departure times.

Tour Reservations
We believe there is a particular but not easily defined personality who enjoys touring. One thinks marathon, boot camp—iditarod maybe.  We freely concede that’s not us. Successful touring demands a measure of regimentation, and by the sheer number of tours available one can conclude we’ve got a lot of organized, well regimented folks out there.  Looking for or interested in touring this year?  A few clicks or a call and Savvy Servitore will research, report back then make all your travel reservations.  So much to see!

At Play

Night Club Reservations
Going out this New Year’s Eve? Savvy Servitore has the perfect restaurant or club for you; according to your preferences. We can’t stress enough how vitally important this is. You might inadvertently end up in a vampire club, and they might not be serving your favorite cocktail, but theirs. Just sayin... Reservations for popular eateries and night spots are vital; the lines can be long and the wait--interminable.

Event Tickets
Live productions, or any given sporting event. From auto racing to wrestling--alas we couldn’t come up with a ‘Z’ event, but we digress. Need tickets for a game here and there, an annual golf or tennis tournament, season tickets for whatever your favorite diversion happens to be?  Remember, Savvy Servitore is a click away, ready to acquire the tickets, send them, or have them waiting at the box office, ticket counter--or sent to your inbox. If there’s a better way to do it, we haven’t found it. Contact us for tickets. Did you know the box office is so named for the little 3’.5’’x 3’.5” ticket booth used in the early days of film?

Sports Scores
If for whatever reason and at any time you don’t--but must, have the score and/or the play by play, Savvy Servitore is a click or call away. So, the scores? We’ve got them if you want them. Fantasy Football devotees?  We are your resource for player rankings. Know who you trust with projections? If their track record is remarkable, they’re in our lineup. Might be useful in setting up your lineup. Go teams! The news maybe good maybe bad, still ya gotta know. Right?

Make contact with Savvy Servitore as part of your morning routine,
and watch how well your day goes. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without us!

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